Where Your Money Goes
Hi. I want to thank you all for being awesome, kind and generous patrons of Gonzo Bread Co. The response to my little venture has been greater than I dreamed, and I hope to continue to provide you with breadgasms for the foreseeable future. (I'm baking as fast as I can, I swear!)

I also figure you deserve to know where your money goes. This isn't a real "annual report" type thing because I haven't kept specific track; I've never been good at that but I suppose I should start, so I can keep you informed.

Those who follow my personal journal are aware of my adventures as what's come to be known as a "99er" (someone whose unemployment ran out after 99 weeks and who is still seeking work and trying to stay afloat with little or no government support). My rent being paid by my mom; I'm on Massachusetts Commonwealth gas and electric subsidy, healthcare program and food stamps, so my basic needs are being met. Other than that, Gonzo Bread Co. is my sole source of income.

So, if my food and shelter are taken care of, what else is there?Collapse )

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Here's the scoop on Gonzo's new Seasonal Specials for St. Patrick's Day! (I later remembered that the Ides of March is around then too, but hey, I'll do that next year. LOL)

Traditional Irish Soda Bread is a whole-wheat based non-yeast bread. It contains no newfangled Irish-American additions like fruit or nuts -- just a crisp brown loaf ready to slather with butter (or any other thing your heart desires). This is being sold for $7.00 a loaf.

Shamrock Potato Rolls are soft dinner rolls like cute little shamrocks, but don't worry -- they're not green! (...ew...) I'm only offering these by the dozen, at $12.00 for 12.

Both of these Seasonal Specials will be gone by the end of the month, so don't forget to order as soon as you can. Photos coming soon!

The next Seasonal Specials will be announced in time for Ostara (the spring equinox). That should give you some hint as to what type of yummies I'll be offering, so get ready for Spring, and as always, thanks for going Gonzo!

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Life is a Glitch
Between doctors' appointments and Sourdough Fail, this is turning into a Bad Baking Week. I'm catching up as fast as I can. I'll also be posting later about the Diva that is Sourdough.

HEAR YE HEAR YE! LAST CALL for Apple-n-Onion and Winter Dawn! Orders will be accepted for these breads ONLY until March 1 at 11:59pm Eastern US time. Watch this space for the new Seasonal Specials and more new NOMs!

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Baby Pictures!
Two beautiful new pictures!

Apple 'n' Onion

Don't forget, the Apple 'n' Onion is a Seasonal Special that is going away SOON and won't be back until autumn.

Devon-Style Cream Scones

Don'tcha wanna NOM NOM NOM NOW NOW NOW? Buy some today!

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I want to feed you, and I want you to feedback! (SEE WHUT I DID THAR?)
Hi! I don't like to boast, but people have been saying some really nice things about my bread.

Kinda like this, from m0usegrrl:

OMG I GOT THE SOURDOUGH TODAY ... It is SO delicious. <3 The texture is perfect, lovely and dense, the crust is just crusty enough, and the flavour... It's got a rich tang, not overpowering like some sourdoughs nor as watery anemic as others. It's complex and lingers and tastes WONDERFUL and toasting it brings out more flavour elements. I APPROVE AAA+++ WOULD NOM AGAIN.

Anyway, I want to hear from anyone and everyone, whether you've bought my bread or not. I want to hear nice things (duh), but I also want to hear complaints, suggestions, questions, what kind of bread you'd like me to offer... anything you want to say, here's the place to say it.

I've turned on anonymous commenting, so go ahead and give me your worst! I can take it. ;)

I Dream In Bread
Gonzo wants you to know: I'm baking as fast as I can! No matter who you are or when you ordered, you're in the queue and ever on my mind. Really. Ask Boy -- all I talk about these days is bread. THANK YOU ALL -- I COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU. LITERALLY. ♥ ♥

Things are getting a little weird at the Web Garden, home of the Gonzo kitchen.  I woke up this morning and Brigid's Bitch was trying to climb out of her jar.  @_@  I had to split her in twain to keep her from becoming THE BLOB THAT ATE THE WEB GARDEN!   *dun dun duuunnnnn*


gonzo bread co.


T-shirts, mugs, hats, other fun stuff, all at the Gonzo Bread Co. Swag Shop! More designs and items coming every day.

BONUS FREE NOMS! Send me a photo of you using/wearing your swag, and you get SIX FREE SCONES with your next paid order. YUMMY!

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HEY KIDS, WHAT TIME IS IT? It's time for new yummies from Gonzo Bread Co.!

First of all -- the first loaves of BRIGID'S SOURDOUGH are coming out of the oven this week. Due to the unique nature of this bread, I have to ask $8.00 a loaf. This is a LIMITED EDITION bread that is only baked once or twice a week. The taste and texture is going to improve over time as Brigid's Bitch matures, so don't forget to order again and again. (Yes, that is a Hint Hammer you just got bonked with.) Reserve a loaf today!


Fat Bastard: Yeah, you heard me. Halfway between the French baguette and boule, there is the batard, and it does indeed translate as "bastard". I can't do baguettes because, frankly, they won't fit in a shipping box and if they did they'd probably break, but I promise that these batards will be just as crispy on the outside and light and fluffy inside as any bakery baguette. $7.00 a loaf, two for $12.00. Eat 'em immediately because they won't store well.

Rosenkrantz: Rosemary + cranberry = Rosenkrantz! (Thank you, cluegirl !) White or wheat rustic loaf with an undercurrent of aromatic rosemary and a tangy cranberry top note. Perfect with any dinner menu. $7.00 a loaf.


Chocolate chip: NEED I SAY MORE? Only the highest quality chocolate chips are yummy enough to go into Gonzo's scones. (The brand of chocolate will be the finest I can find at the farmers market or store, so may vary.) $6.00 per half dozen, $10.00 per dozen.

Lemon-ginger: OH YEAH BABY. Brew your favorite cuppa tea, then add these scones for an instant tea party! Lemon zest adds just enough tang, and chopped crystallized ginger will give your tastebuds a zingy surprise. $6.00 for six, $10.00 for a dozen.

In addition, Gonzo is pleased to offer its first two Seasonal Selections:

Winter Dawn. A great start to a winter morning, Winter Dawn is a filling whole-wheat* loaf enlivened with the crunch of oats and sweetened with 100% real New England maple syrup -- and hey, is that just a teensy-weensy taste of coffee? YOU BET IT IS -- it's a whole breakfast in a loaf of bread! This one will keep for a week at room temperature, so you can toast it or make the best egg-and-cheese breakfast sammies you've ever had. It'll also freeze for months, and that's a good thing, because this offering will be gone with the winter snows (LADY FREYA MELT ALL THE SNOW SOONER OR LATER PLEEEEEZE). $7.00 a loaf.

*I think I should clarify that when I say "whole wheat" that does not mean 100% whole wheat flour. All Gonzo's whole-wheat loaves use a mix of unbleached white bread flour and whole wheat. Although, if you do want a loaf of 100% whole wheat, just let me know and I'll be happy to bake one just for you!

Apple 'n' Onion: Caramelized apples and onions fill this white loaf with sweet-and-savory richness, imbued with undercurrents of rosemary and thyme. It's like the stuffing you have with turkey dinners IN A LOAF OF BREAD! It'll be gone with the spring, so buy one for now, and one to freeze. $7.00 a loaf.

COMING SOON: Just in time for St. Patrick's Day will be traditional Irish Soda Bread, and yes, because I just can't resist, there will also be Potato Bread. Also, don't miss Gonzo's Seasonal Selections for Spring, so check back often!

See y'all later, and thanks for going Gonzo.
When the going gets weird, the weird bake bread!

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