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Gonzo Bread Co.

Ale scelestam!

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Artisan bread with a touch of insanity and a heaping dose of love!

Gonzo Bread Co. is obsessed with bread. Seriously. We murmur sweet nothings to our sourdough starter. ("Who's mommy's little lactobacillus? You are! Yes, you are!") The only reason our friends put up with our constant raving about French versus Italian flour and gluten levels and ash percentages and slow rises and slack doughs and steam techniques is because they know they will be rewarded with simply amazing bread. At Gonzo, we're confident that our years of experience and enthusiasm, combined with more than a touch of lunacy and a huge honkin' portion of love, will give you the biggest breadgasm you've ever had in your life.

Gonzo Bread Co.: When the going gets weird, the weird bake bread!